A Gun Racks Wall of Beauty and Usefulness

A Gun Racks Wall is exactly what it sounds like. A wall for gun racks to be mounted on. There are probably more kinds, shapes, sizes and colors of gun racks than there are kinds of guns. Here we will break that down a little. Besides racks on walls there are cabinets built to be placed against the wall. Some cabinets are built to be visible from both sides and will be placed accordingly.

Another class of gun racks are gun safes and this is exactly what they are, Safes. These may be built for a few guns or many guns. These usually have spaces for rifles, shotguns, pistols and ammunition. Safes are usually built to stop unauthorized use or theft of guns and to some degree fire protection. They will be built of metal and are usually very heavy to make them hard to move.

There are many more ways gun racks are used such as built in safes as well as hidden gun racks. We will get into those in a later post but for now let’s get into wall mounted racks.

Wall mounted racks

In this post we will only deal with racks mounted on or next to walls. Let’s start with the most basic of a gun rack. This has to be two nails driven into the wall and bent up a little to secure the gun.

Then we get into the priority ranking of which guns start the lowest on the wall. This has to be the old Red Ryder BB gun.

This starts about eye level of an 8-year old and goes up from there by usage and value usually.

Some racks will be for one gun, some will be for 10 or more. Cabinets are sometimes built for more and may be completely enclosed or open. Many will be built with glass doors so firearms can be seen but not touched. Most of the time these will be locked. It is a good idea for all guns that are for display or can be seen to be locked whether it be individually or as a group. Especially if children are present.

Some racks will have storage space built into them to put ammunition and parts in. Most of these spaces will be locked.


Materials used for Construction

If you can think of it, it has been used to make gun racks.

One of the most popular to use is wood. These are usually cut from lumber or cabinet grade plywood. Some are cut from trees like Cedar or Mesquite. All of these are usually stained or varnished and sometimes both. They can be beautiful works of art.

Several types of metals are used to make gun racks.

Steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and brass are common types. Steel is usually painted or treated to stop rust. Aluminum will corrode unless is coated. Anodized aluminum makes a good finish and can be done in many colors.

Stainless steel needs no coating but can be brushed to give a different looking finish. Copper and brass are used but will sometimes corrode and can be polished to show original colors.

Many times taxidermists will make a combination of a gun rack and the animals they are working on. This can vary from using deer hooves to bears standing up holding gun across their forelegs.

All of these are a result of the imagination of the builder or the customer.


Everything has a purpose and gun racks are no exception. Display of guns and racks can be a basic reason for using gun racks wall mounted. Storage is another use for racks.

In recent years Metal Art has become popular as wall decorations and wall fillers.  People are now combining Metal Art and Gun Racks. This is an area wide open to the builder’s imagination and customer ideas.

In this day and time another purpose is hiding guns but still having them accessible if needed. These can be coat racks with hidden compartments. Book shelves with false fronts. This is just a couple of the ways people are doing this.

Protection of Firearm

Most people would think of this the other way around and that is a concern, but guns deteriorate because they are made from metal and wood usually. The composites of metal and plastics may be tougher but they are still subject to the elements.

Moisture, high humidity, heat and sunlight can all be enemies of guns. Some gun cases with glass doors may even have dehumidifiers in them particularly if the firearms are antiques or high value firearms.


We have looked at the purposes of Gun Racks but one more thing is very important. The Aspect of Safety. Nobody should be able to get access to firearms that is not familiar with their purpose and usefulness. Many Gun Racks and Gun Cases can be locked to prevent access to the firearms. There are many ways to accomplish this, but one popular way is Hidden Guns. This leads back the age old saying of Out of Sight Out of Mind. This is my favorite and it can apply to a lot of things.

One safety factor that people ignore is ALL GUNS ARE LOADED. Even if they have been checked several times it is still possible a cartridge is hung up in the action of gun or somebody else has handled gun and put a shell in that did not get ejected.


There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of racks that can be put on walls or stand against walls. Ways to do this are endless, but in the end what matters is the opinion of the owner. We will look at other ways of doing gun racks in future post.





  1. Hello there. I wholeheartedly agree with this post. There are quite a lot of choices to choose from regarding gun racks. As far as this goes, there are about as many ways to customize each rack as there are ways to customize a Colt 1911 or AR15. It is near limitless on all accounts. That being said, it has a few more purposes as well. You can even use them for efficiency. To just be able to grab a firearm very quickly if you need to such as in the case of a home invasion. In any case, a good gun rack is nice to have. I am glad I read it! Much love be with you friend. Support the second amendment always!

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