About John

Welcome to a site about Gun Racks

My History

After owning and managing manufacturing plants for 40 plus years it is time to do something else.

I decided affiliate marketing sounded interesting so here I am. I was raised in rural country and still live in the country.

Having been around guns, ways to store them and using them all my life it sounded like a good subject to approach.


People are looking for knowledge

Knowledge is a valuable commodity people search for and it can be about any subject. Most anything we buy we research for different makes, suppliers, quality, price and availability.

In this website we will attempt to research gun racks. Not only are the kinds endless so are the uses.



The goal is to make people aware of what is available so decisions can be made and maybe mix in a little of the good and bad of each type.

Any comments would be appreciated, just leave them below.





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